Philippine Wines

Wines from the Philippines – Really? Yes. “Light fruit wines”

Hlaiya - mango and black plum wine bottles

Mango wine and black plum wine

SHE says: Attending any number of entertainment events, I notice they are generous – even in the midst of a deep recession.   It’s networking and it’s part of the job of an actress/producer.  The job of the meeting planners is to make each one unique and out here they are good. Really good.  Imagine my surprise when at one event I see  “Light Fruit Wines from the Philippines”.  What? Really? Yes.    Fruit wines.   Mango wine and Black Plum wine from brand Haliya.

Haliya Light Fruit Wines is produced by VuQo Inc.  VuQo gave us a bottle of Mango wine and Black Plum wine to bring home and we began to plan a tasting.   (2012 update:  looks like their website is directing all traffic to their Facebook page right now… bummer, the artwork was beautiful!)

HE is begging off of this one.  He is a grape devotee of a few decades and he is a faithful type of man.  Although he tried the Mango wine and Plum wine and he gave a little smile/shrug, I think that means he’s not going to let these light fruit wines join him in his wine scoring club.  Although I’m still learning “man language,” I’m pretty sure that’s what that smile/shrug means.  That’s OK.  I had a great time trying them all by myself.

SHE continues:  Visit Haliya Wines website.  It’s beautiful. It’s a teeny bit of paradise with flowers, birds and fruits.  Really lovely.   You’ll meet the Goddess Haliya and her mythology on one page, and learn to make a wish just before you sip your Haliya wine.   And now on to the tasting.

We paired the Haliya fruit wines with food from Malaysia.  Philippine food tends to be too sweet for us, so we decided on Malaysian.  Curry and chicken, and a cousin of pad thai.  We wanted to give the wine the best possible chance of being itself.

Mango Wine: To smell the aroma is to feel heaven. It smells just like fresh mango

Serve the delightful Mango Wine with after dinner sweets!

Serve the delightful Mango Wine with after dinner sweets!

with a bit of alcohol behind it.   I tasted it with our light dinner and that’s just not fair to the mango wine.  When I paired the mango wine with actual fresh mango for desert  — I loved it.  It’s a unique experience to taste fresh mango and mango wine at the same time.  Can I confess?  I wanted to pour the mango wine over the fresh mango, dive in and then eat and drink my way out.   My guess is it will also go well with numerous fruits and light appetizers.   This wine is your friend you can have the most fun with,  so do be careful.  The taste does not linger in your mouth and my concern is, like that most fun friend you had in high school, she may not know when to stop.   The taste is exquisite, but again, the taste does not linger in your mouth, so that means you want to taste again.  And again.  Please drink responsibly.   Personally, I would like to have the aroma in an air freshener every morning.   It’s beautiful.  Hope they invent that soon.

Black Plum Wine: Another great aroma, but more forte.  Smells a bit like vermouth.  Even though we paired it with lighter food, again the food seemed to compete with the wine – and who needs competition at dinner time, right?   I took another stab at this wine with chocolate, plain ol’ American red plums and a bit of banana.  Sounds like a strange concoction, but yum.   Again, the taste does not stick around for long (unlike that guy who never takes no for an answer) so I am slightly worried that you’ll keep drinking and drinking even though you have church in the morning…so please try to control yourself. 😉

What do you serve with Mango wine?  Check out this crazy awesome spring roll creation – Mango, Avocado and Crab Spring Roll from Five and Spice

And what was my wish before taking my sips?  You know better than that – wishes stay secret.   Visit Haliya Wines for yourself, make a wish, take a sip and give them a try with appetizers, fruit, chocolate and even light cheeses and let us know your tastes!

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